What we do

At Q-Inspect we specialize in providing independent services within Corporate Social Responsibility, quality Inspections, testing and security audits. Our domestic market is Eastern Europe. However, we are active in all of Europe and are actively growing our international presence.

We strive to provide a complete solution and be a one-stop service provider for our customers. Our services include CSR audits, security audits (GSV/C-TPAT), inspections, testing, verification, certification, consultancy and training.

Our auditors are collectively approved for more than 50 client programs including programs developed by some of the largest corporations and retailers in Europe. Apart from the client programs Q-Inspect is also offering own programs, SMETA and GMP audits.

Q-Inspect has a proven track record of meeting the highest standards with respect to reliability and quality of service.

Markets where we operate


Q-Inspect is a one-stop service provider and performs a wide range of services.

At Q-Inspect we have performed more than 3000 audits and more than 5000 man-days of inspection and our auditors are approved for more than 50 client programs including those of some of the largest retailers in Europe. In addition Q-Inspect offers its own programs developed based on the current ISO 26000 and on the best practice extracted from 10 years of experience working with some of the most developed and comprehensive clients programs in the world.

Q-Inspect is approved for global programs, including SEDEX and the US safety program C-TPAT and also offers a cost effective solutions for the initial supplier verification.

Q-Inspect also offers extensive training programs teaching best practice and training of auditors.

Last but not least, we offer unparalleled flexibility and are able to respond quickly to customer needs.

  • Audit
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Verification
  • Consultancy
  • Certification
  • Training


Solutions for services

Solutions for consumer goods - CSR / compliance Audits - Technical / supplier verification audits - Loading and Quality Inspection - Testing Food traceability, recall and sampling Russian / Ukraine Certification Supplier qualification Risk Management

Q-Inspect Academy

Best practice programs (CSR, Security, Technical) Workshops – Pre/post audit. Statistical inspection methods. Client‘s defined programs.