About Q-inspect

Q-Inspect is a multi-disciplinary Audit and consultancy company specialized in offering independent services within corporate Social Responsibility, product quality verification and inspections Q-Inspect operates a network of specialists, auditors and inspectors covering 28 countries. With our roots and main office in the Czech Republic our domestic market is Eastern Europe. Beyond Eastern Europe and Russia, Q-Inspect is active in all of Europe and working to grow our foot print in Asia and US.

Experience at Q-Inspect

Our experience is shaped by 10 years worth of strategic cooperation with one of the largest consultancy firms in the business. We have acquired a number of skills and best practices over the years. With an average seniority of 10+ years and experience working with more than 50 client programs developed by global leaders in retail and manufacturing our auditors have a proven track record of meeting the highest standards with respect to reliability and quality of service.

We innovate

We strive to differentiate ourselves by being on the forefront through a constant improvement of our programs and services based on dialog with our clients. We are always aligned with our customers and meet your demands in a constantly changing global market.

Integrity at Q-Inspect

We build our business on integrity and trust. The principles include our commitments to fair competition, business integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our Code of Integrity provides further guidance to our employees and affiliates. Q-Inspect provide training and keep records to ensure that all employees and contractors performing services on behalf of Q-Inspect apply the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.

We encourage our people and others to report concerns and do not tolerate retaliation in any form.  We take appropriate action if our principles are violated.